Blackmail by Voicemail

Blackmail by Voicemail - a short story by Robert Burton Robinson on

After an embezzler listens to a voicemail from a coworker, he knows he’s going to have to pay for silence. But the price is much higher than he thinks. (2,670 words) ~~~ It was after nine on Friday night when Gary got home from work. At 60, he was getting too old for these […]

Candy Day

Candy Day - a short story by Robert Burton Robinson on

Is Halloween all about the candy? Or is it more about who you eat it with? (2,066 words) ~~~ Eddie’s plane landed at Houston Hobby Airport around 2:30 p.m. He picked up his rental car and drove straight to a candy store he’d located online while waiting in the Cleveland airport. It was Halloween, […]

Predicted Life

Predicted Life - a short story by Robert Burton Robinson on

There’s no need to consult your horoscope or go to a gypsy fortune teller anymore. There’s an app for that. (2,395 words) ~~~ It was 2:15 a.m., and Chase and Brad, both nineteen, were restocking groceries on Aisle 11. Working the graveyard shift had its advantages: no customers and plenty of time to shoot […]