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Nightmares of a Novelist - Four Disturbing Tales by Robert Burton Robinson

Nightmares of a Novelist
(Scale: 0 to 4) Language: 0, Violence: 1, Sex: 0
NIGHTMARES OF A NOVELIST is a collection of four disturbing tales, told by Robert Burton Robinson. These are stories about things that actually happened to the author. Or perhaps he dreamed them.

THE MAGIC COIN – Her husband kills her and takes control of her magic coin. Then he realizes that he doesn’t know the magic words. Without them, the coin is useless. He must find someone to help him, because he believes that once he knows the magic words, he can have anything his heart desires—as long as he possesses the coin. But does he truly possess the coin? Or does the coin possess him?

THE AFFAIR – A brilliant inventor has more secrets than anyone could have imagined. But after he’s caught cheating on his wife, the illusion of their marriage dissolves, revealing the shocking truth that nobody will believe.

ONLY IN HIS DREAMS – From his deathbed, a formerly-successful businessman invokes supernatural powers to take revenge on his four ungrateful sons. But how does a frail old man turn himself into a dangerous sorcerer?

THE FAVOR – Someone does you a favor. Are you required to return the favor? What if they want you to do something difficult? Impossible? Unthinkable? At some point, you may wish you’d never accepted their favor.

Sweet Ginger Poison - Ginger Lightley Cozy Mystery Series, Book 1, by Robert Burton Robinson

Sweet Ginger Poison
Ginger Lightley Cozy Mystery Series – #1
(Scale: 0 to 4) Language: 0, Violence: 1, Sex: 0

Ginger investigates the death of a young man who died after eating one of the cakes from her bakery.

Ginger Lightley and the entire town are shaken by the horrible accident.

But then the newly appointed police chief accuses one of Ginger’s employees of murder. Ginger rejects the crime scenario laid out by the young police chief and secretly determines to solve the crime herself.

* * *

“If you’re in the mood for a fun, quick cozy mystery, this is the book for you.” – Amazon reviewer

“It was such a fun read with just enough mystery to keep you turning the pages until the exciting conclusion.” – Goodreads reviewer

Ginger Dead House - Ginger Lightley Cozy Mystery Series, Book 2, by Robert Burton Robinson

Ginger Dead House
Ginger Lightley Cozy Mystery Series – #2
(Scale: 0 to 4) Language: 0, Violence: 1, Sex: 0

Ginger investigates a mysterious death at her new bed & breakfast that threatens to destroy the business.

Ginger and her fellow Domino Girls pool their funds to buy an old Colonial-style home on the outskirts of town and convert it into a bed and breakfast. The house is rumored to be haunted—which enables them to get the place at a bargain. They name it “Ginger Bread House,” banking on Ginger’s notoriety as a famous cake baker to bring in the guests. She will provide a daily supply of her freshly-baked cakes to sweeten their stay.

But on the very first night, guests begin to see and hear strange things. Ginger manages to settle them down—until one of the guests is found dead. News quickly spreads, and gossipers rename the new bed & breakfast, “Ginger DEAD House.” Now every phone call is another cancellation.

The Domino Girls see their life savings about to go down the drain. So Ginger proposes that the four of them work together to solve the mystery of the ghosts and the murder. “Domino Sleuth Club” is born.

But their task may prove more difficult and dangerous than anyone could have imagined.

* * *

“It is a great cozy read and I barely put it down.” – Amazon reviewer

“The story is exciting, unpredictable and fun.” – Amazon reviewer

“I was very pleasantly surprised with its wit, its logical plot, and its likable characters.” – Amazon reviewer

“The quirky characters are so cute.” – Goodreads reviewer

Cold Ground Ginger - Ginger Lightley Cozy Mystery Series, Book 3, by Robert Burton Robinson

Cold Ground Ginger
Ginger Lightley Cozy Mystery Series – #3
(Scale: 0 to 4) Language: 0, Violence: 1, Sex: 0

Ginger Lightley has been knocked unconscious and framed for murder.

She wakes up in a cemetery, head throbbing, blood on her hands, a dead body nearby, with her fingerprints all over the murder weapon. She’s struggling with fuzzy memories and the loss of her most precious assets: her keen sense of smell and taste.

It’s the week of her annual bake-off, and she discovers that most of her contestants have motives for the murder. She must solve the case before the contest winners are announced and all of her suspects leave town…and she goes to jail.

* * *
“Good, convoluted cozy mystery. Cast of characters includes a half dozen or so folks who each have reason to hate the villainous victim…including our own intrepid heroine!” – Goodreads reviewer

Four Steps Under by Robert Burton Robinson

Four Steps Under
(Scale: 0 to 4) Language: 2, Violence: 1, Sex: 1
Brandon Boader has developed the unique ability to transform himself into a different person, at will, through self-hypnosis.

He could temporarily become a killer to take revenge on the men who murdered his parents. But then, how could he ever live with himself? And besides, if he “goes under” too deep (Four Steps Under), he could literally lose his mind. Forever.
When Brandon was six years old, his parents were killed during a home invasion. The two brothers who perpetrated the crime went free because of evidence mishandling at the crime lab. Brandon is determined to finally settle the score—without getting caught.

He recruits Dani Dimingo, a young woman he knew in junior high school, to help him carry out his scheme of revenge. The chemistry between them is undeniable, and they have a lot in common. Dani has struggled with mental problems too, having spent half of her teen years in a psychiatric facility. It’s one of the reasons she’s right for the job.

But while the two are executing Brandon’s elaborate plan, Dani becomes terrified when she suspects that Brandon is about to kill one of the brothers. She can’t believe Brandon is capable of murder, but given the strange mental state he’s imposed upon himself, does Brandon even know what he’s doing? Has one of his alter egos completely taken over his mind? And if so, is there any way for Dani to stop him before he destroys Brandon’s life as well as her own?

* * *

“Well crafted and original…his story material is meticulously woven, in suspense/mystery fashion, suggesting genre, but actually supplying something completely unique.” – Amazon reviewer

“The whole idea and concept of the book was one of the most interesting things I had ever read.” – Amazon UK reviewer

“This book really makes you think about how much control do we really have over our mind and what can we do with it. This is a must read if you like psychological suspense stories.” – Amazon reviewer

“Will he kill before he resumes his own identity. The author keeps the reader guessing. I highly recommend this book especially for those who love a good suspense story.” – Amazon UK reviewer

“By finding unique scenarios and giving them plausible existence, [Robinson] leads his readers into an exciting journey of suspense and intrigue.” – Amazon reviewer

“…holds you riveted till the end.” – Amazon reviewer

“Brilliant!” – Amazon UK reviewer

Deadly Commitment by Robert Burton Robinson

Deadly Commitment
(Scale: 0 to 4) Language: 2, Violence: 2, Sex: 2
John Provo infiltrates the staff of a mega-church to investigate a murder and encounters ruthless, power-hungry men who will destroy anyone who threatens their secret mission.

Lies, blackmail, and murder–they’re all a means to end for the leaders of Pyramid Church.

* * *
“Fast paced that just got faster with every page.” – Amazon reviewer

“There was not one dull moment that I can recall. Anyone that enjoys a fast paced, action novel with scandals and shocks (believe me, this church had secrets!) will quickly COMMIT to this novel.” – Amazon reviewer

“It kept me on the edge of my seat, anxious to see what would happen. It wasn’t predictable, which was a refreshing change from so many stories nowadays.” – Amazon reviewer

“This is a disturbing book. Its powerful characters kill with impunity. Characters struggling to ‘right a wrong’ seem singularly unprepared for the battle they take on. A fast-paced story for fans of amateur sleuths.” – Library Thing reviewer

“This book allowed me to indulge in the guilty pleasure of reading all night. It was fast paced and there were surprises around every turn…The ending will knock your socks off. I certainly did not see it coming.” – Goodreads reviewer

Dream Tunnel by Robert Burton Robinson

Dream Tunnel
(Scale: 0 to 4) Language: 0, Violence: 0, Sex: 0
A young woman makes a dangerous trip through time to get to the boy of her dreams and bring him back to her world.

Conroe Williamson travels back in time to meet the boy she has fallen in love with while observing him on a device she found in the cellar: a time travel computer. She must marry and assume her mother’s throne before her eighteenth birthday or forfeit her destiny as Queen.

Initially, she tricks the boy into thinking they are dreaming together rather than traveling through time, fearing that the truth will scare him away. She is unaware that her evil cousin, who is next in line for the throne, is working behind the scenes to spoil her plans for royalty and happiness.

* * *
“I almost missed class because I couldn’t put it down!” – Amazon reviewer“There was never a dull or slow time in the book.” – Amazon reviewer

“Delightfully imaginative!” – Goodreads reviewer

Rebecca Ranghorn - Texas P.I. by Robert Burton Robinson

Rebecca Ranghorn – Texas P.I.
(Scale: 0 to 4) Language: 2, Violence: 2, Sex: 3
After Rebecca is framed from the murder of a sleazy Dallas businessman, she goes on a quest for the real killer.

Rebecca Ranghorn is a private investigator. Her specialty: cheating husbands. They can run, but they can’t hide from her. But now she’s on the run after being framed for murder. A lowlife Dallas businessman is on the floor of her office with a bullet in his head. Her bullet.

The police would probably thank her for killing the creep, but they would still have to arrest her. So, she goes undercover, taking a job in the dead man’s sleazy topless bar to track down the real killer.

* * *
“I was hooked from start to finish.” – Amazon reviewer”An exciting read from page one to finish. A complex suspense filled plot that keeps you guessing until the last chapter.” – Amazon UK reviewer

“The story is pretty action packed, never a dull moment as the bodies start piling up and it becomes a major whodunit.” – Amazon reviewer

“It is a detective story full of twists and turns and will keep the reader guessing.” – Goodreads reviewer

Bicycle Shop Murder - Greg Tenorly Suspense Series, Book 1, by Robert Burton Robinson

Bicycle Shop Murder
Greg Tenorly Suspense Series – #1
(Scale: 0 to 4) Language: 0, Violence: 2, Sex: 0

A small town guy gets in over his head when he becomes entangled with a mysterious redhead and two hit men.

Greg Tenorly lives a quiet and lonely life in a small East Texas town, until he is selected as a juror for a murder trial. A beautiful, mysterious redhead befriends him, and seems to have a romantic interest. But is she merely using him to influence the outcome of the trial?

By the end of the first week, three people connected with the case are dead, and Greg is beginning to fear for his own life. He is now convinced that a powerful Dallas attorney is directing the murder spree in his little town. But why? He is determined to find out. But his investigation just might earn him a spot at the top of the hit list.

* * *
“This mystery is full of twists and turns.” – Amazon reviewer

“The storyline is captivating, the characters charming, and the plot is a real page turner.” – Amazon reviewer

“This was a quick story, but compelling. Loved it!” – Goodreads reviewer

“I have read many thrillers over the years but it is rare to find such an exciting story full of twists. I hated having to stop reading and could’t wait to get back to it.” – Amazon UK reviewer

Hideaway Hospital Murders - Greg Tenorly Suspense Series, Book 2, by Robert Burton Robinson

Hideaway Hospital Murders
Greg Tenorly Suspense Series – #2
(Scale: 0 to 4) Language: 0, Violence: 2, Sex: 2

Elderly women are abducted to a secret underground hospital ward by a sadistic killer.

Macy is a live-in nurse who cares for a pediatrician’s mother during the day, and fantasizes about the doctor at night. But when a seductive new woman comes into his life, Macy sees her dreams of happiness slipping away. As the wedding day approaches, she must make her move, or lose him forever. But the bride’s evil sister will have something to say about that.

Across town, one of Greg Tenorly’s elderly piano students is brutally murdered. He and his girlfriend begin to investigate, which ultimately leads them to the doctor’s house, where they make a startling discovery: a secret hospital ward, buried deep beneath the house. But none of the patients are alive.

* * *
“The story was great and the characters were just delightfully twisted!” – Amazon reviewer

“The main love story is good enough to keep you reading it. The thrilling part will keep you in the edge of your seat.” – Amazon reviewer

“Racy and Fun.” – Amazon reviewer

Illusion of Luck - Greg Tenorly Suspense Series, Book 3, by Robert Burton Robinson

Illusion of Luck
Greg Tenorly Suspense Series – #3
(Scale: 0 to 4) Language: 0, Violence: 2, Sex: 2

A mystery writer loses his grip on reality, murdering anyone in his way, believing he has powers of luck that make him invincible.

As Greg Tenorly was about to marry the woman of his dreams, he figured he was the luckiest man in the world. Until he got an anonymous phone call warning him about his bride’s shady past.

Larry had been lucky all his life, except in his mystery writing efforts. Ironically, he finally found success when he began to publish an online account of his own downward spiral into depravity and murder, as he sought the thing he wanted most: Greg Tenorly’s bride.

Is luck real? Or is it just an illusion? Some people have to find out the hard way.

* * *
“So, do we make our own luck, or does fate lend a hand? It’s a great ride finding out.” – Amazon reviewer

“This book was a real page-turner, very thrilling to read!” – Goodreads reviewer

Fly the Rain - Greg Tenorly Suspense Series, Book 4, by Robert Burton Robinson

Fly the Rain
Greg Tenorly Suspense Series – #4
(Scale: 0 to 4) Language: 0, Violence: 2, Sex: 2

The leader of a female rock band with a tortured past finally goes home…with murder in her heart.

When Greg Tenorly gets an invitation to his dad’s 75th birthday party, Cynthia convinces him to go, and to use the occasion to finally make things right with his estranged father.

But the war of words Greg is dreading becomes the least of his worries after he and his family cross paths with a cold-blooded killer.

Greg Tenorly Suspense Series - Boxed Set, by Robert Burton Robinson

Greg Tenorly Suspense Series – Boxed Set
(Scale: 0 to 4) Language: 0, Violence: 2, Sex: 2
A small town, regular guy gets involved in one murder after another.

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